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We are an accounting firm whose operations are based on understanding its customers and supporting their businesses.

Accounting firm operating Finland and Sweden

During our long careers in accounting firms, we have seen that the accounting industry is undergoing a major transformation and the transformation is accelerating. The services provided by accounting firms are too often designed and produced on the basis of the accounting firm’s own processes and not to support the business of the client. There is a risk of ignoring customer insight and customer experience.

When we founded Balanco, we decided to do things differently and started to transform the industry and change the traditional perceptions of an accounting firm. We concentrate on customer insight. The focus of our operations is on supporting our customers’ business. We are an accounting firm worthy of our customers. We are always thinking about the most suitable financial management solution for the customer. We started our business on the basis of these values from almost nothing in August 2015, and today Balanco’s more than 120 financial management experts work with customer companies across Finland and Sweden.

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Vantaa, Helsinki, Lahti and Oulu. Stockholm, Sollentuna, Visby and Södertälje.

Procountor Platinum and Netvisor Premium partner

Our services

Financial management

We are a modern accounting firm that offers a genuine and knowledgeable financial management partnership. We are a partner that matters to your business. Our cooperation is…


Our accounting services scale from the needs of a small limited company and a medium-sized SME to the financial management requirements of international groups.

Payroll & HR

Our payroll services are built to support your company's business and human resources management. Our payroll service covers all stages of payroll administration.

Financial advisor services

Our experts provide expertise in accounting, finance and taxation for different stages and situations of business. Our expert services are tailored to the needs of small and…

Business Law

Our business law services are suitable for the needs of small and medium-sized companies in transition. Our comprehensive services cover everything from project planning to practical implementation.


We provide our accounting and payroll services using Procountor and Netvisor financial management software. Software integrations are our specialty.

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