Accounting and bookkeeping to support development and growth

We offer personal and business-oriented accounting services to support your company’s development.


Up-to-date and properly produced accounting is the basis for high-quality financial management and one of the most important things in supporting the management and development of a company’s business. Our accounting services range from the needs of a limited liability company that has just started its operations to the financial management requirements of international groups of companies.

Our mission is to help your business succeed

Our accounting service involves thinking and operating in a business-oriented manner, with solutions that best suit the customer. Understanding your business and goals is the basis of our cooperation.

We provide accounting and the support of our comprehensive financial management services to develop and grow your business. Once we know your business and goals, we know how to provide your business with the most suitable financial management service solutions and tools. We are a Procountor Platinum and Netvisor Premium level accounting firm.

With our accounting service, you get:

  • Expertise in the financial management of your industry
  • high-quality and up-to-date accounting including notifications to the authorities
  • accounting reporting according to your specific needs
  • personal and smooth service
  • professional support and advice on financial management
  • freedom to focus on developing your own business
  • the financial and tax expertise of an accounting advisor
  • Procountor or Netvisor software for financial management

Financial advisor as part of our accounting service.

Your financial advisor is an integral part of our accounting service and represents the main difference between us and other accounting firms. The financial advisor service was created to satisfy the needs and wishes of companies. Accounting firms are expected to provide more advice and personal support for business development.

The financial advisor designated for your company is responsible for the financial management cooperation together with the accountant in charge designated for your company. The financial advisor acts as a link, sparring partner, advisor and developer while the accountant produces high-quality accounting data.

In addition to providing advice and managing the customer relationship, the financial advisor can provide a wide range of expert services or even act as an outsourced financial management expert. Read more about our expert services on finances and taxation.

Reporting of accounting that is clear and supports your business

Accounting reporting is planned and produced based on your business needs and communication preferences. Accounting reporting and advice provided by the accounting advisor are produced monthly in a way that suits your business.

Our reporting service helps:

  • interpret and predict your company’s finances
  • identify and interpret comments and observations arising from accounting data from a cause-and-effect perspective
  • plan and implement investments
  • optimize your company’s taxation

To support your business, you can get customized progress reports from the financial advisor in connection with accounting reporting using popular BI reporting or video reporting.

Balanco’s accounting service provides you with up-to-date information about your company’s finances.

Our pricing is transparent, simple and predictable

We do not expect our customers to pay us for carrying out the steps of accounting work, but for good results and expert service. Expertise, quality and transparency and predictability of pricing serve as the starting points for our accounting firm service.

The pricing of our accounting service is fixed. You don’t have to wonder if the accounting firm will charge extra if you have any questions about financial management or software. The support and active advice of our serving team is included in the monthly pricing of our service.

Procountor and Netvisor guarantee high-quality financial management

We produce our accounting services with Procountor or Netvisor. Netvisor and Procountor can be connected to a wide range of software, enabling seamless cooperation between operational activities and financial management. Read more

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Personal accountant service for your needs, only one call away



Personal accountant service for your needs, only one call away